A church or THE church? Nov. 1 Pastor Jabo

Matthew9:35-38 We don’t need to just be “A church,” we need to be “THE Church.”

A church is a building full of people. The church is a body of people. The harvest is plenty, but The church is going to have to go out and teach them, not be A church waiting for them to come in. It’s the job of the body of Christ.

The purpose of the church is Not to make people feel comfortable. Jesus said He’s going to take care of you but you have to go and sin no more. Go out and preach to Repent. Don’t just Try to stop and quit, Actually do it. God can fix a disease if you allow Him, if you seek help and your heart is ready to repent. It doesn’t matter how He heals, it just matters that He’s doing it.

The church needs to become the body of Christ, not just a building. Romans7:4 The Word of God is the only governing law in the church. If we’re preaching anything other than the Word of God we’re doing wrong. We are all called to be ministers, not just the pastor.

Romans8:29 We are a family, and are to be confirmed to the likeness of Jesus whether the world likes it or not. A church is a place of entertainment, lights, bells and whistles, it draws people in with all these things. The Church isn’t worried about entertaining, it’s about being in the likeness of Christ, worshiping God and preaching the Word.

Romans12:3 A church is too good for people. The Church is never good enough. We are Nothing without Christ Jesus.

  • We are a unified body, each with different talents and jobs. If we get lost, we’re not the same body of believers.
  • Every one of us is important. We’re made for a purpose. In A church no one’s important, in The Church everyone’s important.
  • A church can split overnight because of rifts, but The Church is unified and comes together.
  • There is one body of believers with one baptism and one Spirit.

1Corinthians12:26-27 If one body is suffering we are to pray for them without ceasing. Don’t go out and boast your gift in front of people, it does no good. The gifts for the body are for a purpose and that’s to glorify God and not the body. And what God has given He can surely take it away.

Acts2:41-47 The Church is about people being saved, a church is about adding numbers to itself. We’re not in this to swap people, we’re in this for people to get saved. The Church does not save anyone, the pastor doesn’t save anyone, you and me-we don’t save anyone…our job is to plant the seed.

If that’s what it’s about we can’t sit on our butts an wait for people to come in. We have to get up and seek the lost. If we just sit here we’re not doing what God’s called us to do. We’re all one body and Christ is the head. A church is about the pastor and leaders…The Church is about being lead by Jesus and the Holy Spirit and moving where and when He moves. He’s calling you to do more than just sit in the chairs and listen to the sermon.

How does Christ love the church? He came down from a perfect paradise with God the Father and lived on this earth and was beaten and died and rose again for you. That’s how much He loves.