Aug. 14 – 1 Kings 18:1-46 Pastor Jabo Thomas

1 Kings 18:1-46
A prophet is one who speaks from God. God disciplines His children because He loves them.  We often pass the blame to someone when we get into a tough situation, usually God. You can’t go kill someone and when the police catch you and put you in prison, ask God why He did that to you.

            God’s discipline has a purpose and a plan. He can use our consequences and choices to mold us, but we can’t blame God for all of the mishaps and hardships.  Before God could heal their (Israelite’s) land He had to turn their head back to Him and their hearts to Him. Anything we put before God is an idol. Anything we make more important than God is an idol in our life.

            Elijah was so sure and so ready that he even had them pour all of the water around the offering….every single thing on and just around the altar was incinerated…the sacrifice, the soil, the water.  It always takes faith first! Every miracle that happened was preceded my a statement of faith. Elijah made a statement of faith as God showed up. God doesn’t want you to give the glory to anything else, He wants the glory. When you make a statement of faith: ***DON’T GIVE UP!!!!*** Elijah sent his servant *7* times to look for a cloud or rain and on the 7th time he saw it! 

             So often we blame God for our problems or give up cause He doesn’t do what we want in the time we want. He is coming in His timing and His perfect plan for our lives, though…He knows so much better. With the power of Holy Spirit, there is no thing that we can’t do. We have the power of God with us, and there’s nothing that can stand in our way; but sometimes it takes a statement of faith. What’s stopping us? We’re afraid He won’t show up. Maybe cause we think we’re not important enough or significant enough or our problems aren’t big enough. Well Jesus’ says whatever we ask in His name In Belief, it shall be done.

        God is big enough to take care of everybody’s problems, He wants to hear yours, and He loves you unconditionally. He always will show up. He will make Himself known in a powerful way. There’s no one who can deny Him. There’s no one who He can’t help, fix, change, or heal.