FREEDOM – Pastor Jabo – July 3, 2016

CUAB Freedom
Property and money won’t give you happiness for a long time, only for a short moment. How do we use our freedom today as the church?

      John 8:31-36 We have to understand what truth is in order to understand what free means. There are countries that people can’t gather or have a bible. We have the luxury of having bibles readily available yet we don’t use them. To be God’s disciple you must love the LORD your God with all of you and love your neighbor. How we judge others is how God’s going to judge us. If Jesus died for ALL we should be able to accept each other for who we are…regardless of what we wear or anything else like that.

    Until you accept Jesus as your Savior you don’t know Him. Jesus is the truth, His word is the truth (He is the Word.) You don’t take away from it and you can’t add to it, He is the way. If you tell a lie you have to keep telling lies to cover up the truth. When you tell the truth, it lets you not carry a burden, a sinful burden. 3 times Peter lied about knowing Jesus and he carried a huge burden and shame. The same shame we carry when we don’t speak the truth. 

    The truth will set you free. Jesus loves you and will forgive you. (He gives you a chance for repentance and redemption.) There is no where else you can be free except at the cross of Jesus Christ. So many of us are trapped in a rut in our lives. You can try anything but nothing will fix your problem or set you free but Jesus. No matter what you’ve tried or how you’ve tried or how much you’ve sinned….Jesus is saying if you’ll come to me, confess, and ask, you’ll receive my forgiveness and be free again.

     There are no “rules” in Christianity. You don’t have to live by rules, you’re free. When you have a relationship with Jesus and fall in love with Him, you’re going to do what pleases Him and live how He wants you to live. Grace means instead of you dying and going to hell because of the sins you’ve committed like you deserve, when you die you’re go to heaven because Jesus took your place and died for you