Matthew 14:22-33
Most of the time when Jesus went to God in prayer, He sent the others away and spent a personal time with God. God does want that intimate relationship with you. Prayer is a two way street. He speaks to us in a way we would hear Him if we’re actually listening.

Vs 26, why were they afraid? Cause they probably didn’t expect to see Jesus (or someone) on the water, and Jesus wasn’t suppose to be there. •Jesus was where they needed Him to be where they would believe. You may be in a place in you’re life where you think “Jesus can’t be anywhere around this.” But He is there.

Sometimes it scares us when He shows Himself because then we know we have to change and get rid of the old things and have no fun. That’s satan trying to keep you from Jesus. Jesus was there with you in that mud hole or trench; He was there to pull you out. We think He’s not going to rescue us or show up in that place; but no matter where you are, He will show up and take you out of that situation– if you let Him.

Sometimes you make a comment to God that you wish you hadn’t…”If you’ll get me through this or let me live through this…I’ll never do this stuff again.” God is not a God of deals. He doesn’t want you to give Him something because He’s gonna give you something. He knows you’re not going to keep your word, but He does His part anyway. He shows up anyway….because to Him, you are special. Regardless, you are special to Him and if you call on His name He will be there for you.

We have a choice to allow God to do great things in our life or stop Him from doing anything in our life. As long as we sit in that comfortable boat or our comfortable life, we are going to prohibit God from doing something unbelievable in our life. He can do something and rescue you, but you have to allow Him and take a step of faith. You have to take that step. We surrender and do that, then suddenly we forget our first love and focus on everything going on around us and all the bad and negatives and not the good. Peter lost focus and saw all of the impossibilities.

As long as we focus on the impossible, the impossible is real. As long as Peter was focused on the impossible, he began to sink. He realized when he began to sink that there was only one that he could cry out to and be saved–Jesus. It takes one cry and that’s to Jesus, and He will pick you up and put you back on solid ground. The impossible is possible for Jesus. After Jesus got back into the boat, the winds quit. All of that stuff happened for a reason and a purpose. When you try to do the impossible there will be things around trying to distract you. However, God’s power is made great through weakness. He wants more than anything to save your life.