John 4:1-30 Why did Jesus go through Samaria?

CUAB John 4:1-30  Verse 4: He had to go through Samaria or Needed to go through Samaria, even though it wasn’t the normal traveled route. He had a purpose and at the time it was for this Samaritan woman.

            If you were the only person on the earth, Jesus would know that He still needed to come. At first the Samaritan woman didn’t really get what He was saying, just like we don’t get it a lot of times. Jesus needed to go to a place where the lowest of low were to reach out to them and show them He came for them and loves them and us. Jesus went to a sinner. He knew ahead of time her sins and circumstances.

          Jesus cares about what you’re Going to do. He didn’t die for you cause you were clean and didn’t sin. We can’t think “so and so needs to hear this!” We need to hear it and “so and so” needs to see it in us. Jesus said that there’ll be a time when true worshipers will worship in spirit and truth (not just on Sundays, not just in one building or place) but everyday and be truthful with God, from when we wake to when we go to bed. People around us will see that and wonder why we’re so hopeful and joyful in bad or painful situations or simply everyday. When Jesus says “this is what God’s looking for”, it sure makes me want to be that.

   Verse 28: When she meets Jesus and knows who He is, the whole purpose of her life and what she was doing changes. She left her water pot there because that physical worldly thing didn’t mean anything to her anymore. If we would just let go of the world and get real with God and become truthful with Him and leave the things we think we need and want or we think provide security for us, and cling to Jesus, we would start gaining momentum in bringing Jesus back into this world. We talk about everything we get excited about with our friends and others but we forget to talk about and mention and get excited about Jesus!!!