•Obedience “If you love me you will keep my commands.” -John14:15,21,23,24 “Observe what the Lord requires.”

-1 Kings:2-3 “Blessed are those who walk in obedience to Him.” God uses your neighbor, your friend, circumstances, and He speaks to you.
Do you keep His commandments? God gave us the right to choose. That includes to not follow His commands or to follow them. If you try to keep His commands, He knows your heart and loves you. He speaks to each of you, listen to His voice, don’t ignore Him.

We know God through the Son. “The flesh desires what is contrary to the spirit…”Galations5:17. Sometimes the phone call you get from God isn’t an easy phone call. When a doctor does surgery, it’s painful, things have to be cut out. Sometimes when you do what God wants you to do, it’s like surgery and you have to cut the old stuff out to make room for the new stuff. Very seldom will a man die for what he knows is not right.

Every apostle died knowing that what Jesus said and did was right and true. We have no guarantee of tomorrow, don’t wait to come to Jesus and accept Him.