May 1, 2016 Sermon

Ephesians 1:11-14 Every one of us are predestined.

      He created us with the purpose to be a part of His family. Do we choose that destiny or fight it? He’s chosen all of us, but have we chosen Him back?

      God’s will for your life is that you should not perish but know Him and have Him for eternity. When we accept Jesus as our Savior, we get branded and sealed with Holy Spirit. He seals us so everyone knows who we are and who we belong to, and so We remember Whose we are. No matter where we go, He can find us.

      Holy Spirit indwells in us. When God fills you with Holy Spirit, He comes in and all the things that aren’t of God come out; unless we hold on to them. We see it start to come out and we say: “oh we don’t want to let go of that one yet.” It’s our choice.

   If the God that created all of this is bigger than all things,  can be all places and do all things and that God’s love is inside of You, what kind of power does that mean you poses?!?! A Godly power.

  If anything tries to hold you down, you can overcome because of the power and strength inside of you. The prodigal son was still branded, but he went and did his own thing. Then he was ashamed to go back home. We probably go out and do our own thing a lot and get in a place where we don’t know what we can do anymore. The Father still calls you His child and waits for you to come back and even runs to you rejoicing when you do.