Matthew 7:21-23 -false sense of security.

We do good things and good works so we’re going to Heaven…since God is using me, I’m going to Heaven. (Those things are not necessarily true.) We can’t just think we’re ready to go and can’t just think we’re saved. We have to know them. If you don’t have security in your salvation, Nothing Else Matters.

Don’t set your faith on what your pastor tells you in Bible study, cause if your pastor leads you wrong it won’t matter when you stand before God. Things are always your choice it comes down to you and your decisions and way of life and no one else’s. We can’t comprehend and have no idea the real power in the name of Jesus Christ. Just because God uses you to work doesn’t mean He knows you. If you’re not positive that you’re saved but you’ve accepted Christ and been baptized, look at your life.

It’s true God will forgive you of your sins but it’s not a good practice to say, “oh I can do whatever I want cause God will forgive me.”  •1Corinthians 10:23-24 Not everything you do that’s permissible will reap a good outcome. We walk in God’s protection and suddenly we get faced with a choice of right and wrong: sometimes knowing we’ll be forgiven we make the wrong choice and step outside of God’s protection. Sometimes God’s discipline of us is for us to reap the consequences of our choices and actions.

It doesn’t mean He doesn’t stop loving us or He leaves us, but we just get to reap the “benefits” of those choices we make when we step outside of His protection and in the opposite direction of the right choices. How we take care of our families is also how we show God we love Him. He didn’t bless us with children and families just to throw them away. The first greatest thing we can do to teach our kids is love God, then the second thing is to love your spouse. The reality is no one knows for you or where you’re at with your relationship with Christ. The only person on the face of this earth who knows is You.

The reality is, Jesus can overcome anything if you allow Him to and He can change your heart and mind. Coming to church, lying to yourself saying you’re ready, doing good works, it’s not going to get you into Heaven. You have to confess and turn from your sins. Allow God to show you what He created you to be. God loves us even more than we love our children and is Very Patient with us. God and Jesus are in love with you and are watching for you waiting for you to come home, and when you start heading home He’s gonna meet you before you get there and wash you clean.

If you love Jesus enough you can love Him more than the sin you’re in.

submitted by GC