(P.s..your pastor isn’t perfect, he’s human)
Sometimes we feel like we’re in a pit and struggling to get out. God is there for you and He’s always going to be. He’s talking, you just have to listen.  Sometimes it’s very hard to hear Him. You’re not alone. You can’t give satan a foothold. If you give him a tiny bit, he’s gonna start destroying things. A foothold may be tv shows or people you’re surround yourself with.
•If you’ve given him a foothold, how do you get out?
•You have a part to play for God.
Mark 5:24-34
We want God to do and heal all these things and free us from all these things and take care of everything. However, even when you pray that, you have a part to play. (The woman had to trust Him enough and fully believe that if she touched His garment she’d be healed.)
Jesus is so in tune with you that when you make that step He knows! (vs 30).
John 3:16–our part…”Whoever believes in Him shall not perish.” You must believe in Him, that’s your part.

Romans 10:9 Your part: confess with your mouth and believe. Every miracle of God that happened, someone had to play their part. 1.)You have I believe you can.    2.)You have to know the scripture is real and true.

Sometimes God allows us to roll around in the mud and pit to realize we need Him and can’t do it by ourselves. At our weakest point, ready to give up, God shows up like only He can and He releases us from that and gets us out.

You have to let go and give it to God. If your marriage is in trouble you have to give it to God and let go, you can’t fix it yourself. In your weakness God makes you strong and fixes it. God is powerful, and He can heal, fix, and do anything if we do our part and believe. Recognize you can’t do it on your own.

Believe, and let Him take you out of that pit. The only thing you can’t live without is a Savior (Jesus). If you’re at that place where you’re ready to give up….today that changes. The power, the change, is all God, it has nothing to with us. Except we have to let God and give it to Him. His grace is sufficient. You’re not worthy to be healed or stand before the Creator of all things, but His grace says Regardless, I will come to you, I will heal you, I will take hold of you. Maybe today is the day when it’s time for you to do your part.