Romans 1:16-17 with Pastor Jabo

CUAB Romans 1:16-17. As a church we’ve done a poor job of sharing the gospel because we’ve complicated it so much.                            *Righteousness means being right with God.

There is a being right with God and a being wrong with God, there is no in between. The bible isn’t about taking its words and changing it to fit our lives, it’s changing our lives to fit the Word. A lot of us are caught in a situation where we really want to live for Jesus, but get scared cause we think we’re not good enough or “oh no we have to follow all the rules.”                There’s no such thing as living for Jesus at church! You live for Jesus everywhere, Not Just at church! God knows if you’re all out for Him on Sunday and hide Him the rest of the week. It doesn’t matter what people think, because God knows. Decide not to be ashamed of your past because it’s over and done and God brought you here.

Don’t let anyone say you can’t pray in public or say in Jesus’ name, because we are Not ashamed of the Gospel and of Jesus. Be proud of Him and all He’s done. God sent a savior into the world and He had a plan, giving us everlasting life. Life everlasting is life with Jesus and God in Heaven. You will never be right with God on your own, and there’s nothing you can do to get there. It’s a righteousness that comes from God and is open for everyone.

Righteousness is Jesus coming to earth and dying for our sins with His blood flowing from the cross covering over our sins and making us clean. When Jesus enters our life, Holy Spirit enters our body, and when we stand before God, He’s either going to see you, or see His Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus’ blood forgives Any sin. When He becomes a part of you, you don’t want to go back to your older ways. If you slip up it’s ok because He will forgive you, but you don’t Want to slip up. The righteousness has Nothing to do with you. It’s about Jesus. If you sincerely want to meet Jesus, He’ll meet you. Where the Spirit of God is, there is freedom. Be Unashamed.