We need a Jesus experience.
The foundation: we believe Jesus is the son of God, He died for us and rose again, If we ask God, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins. If God can forgive me, I can forgive myself. We believe these things but we may not have experienced Him. Imagine what 200 people could do I they had a face to face experience with Jesus. Most people went around Samaria, but Jesus went right through it. *John4:7-30 (this is the Jesus experience…He knows your sins, he knows your life better than even you do. He will show himself and reveal Himself to you. When you meet Him and realize who He is, the things important to you and your lives now in the world, you leave it behind, you leave what you thought you came for and drop them for what is really important. What we think matters the most whether it be our jobs or homes or any other thing that is earthly, they become obsolete when we meet Him face to face. It’s not about you!! It’s not about how hard the chairs are in church or how loud the music is or isn’t, or how long the preacher talks for, or what’s on the sign, It’s All About Jesus!!!!!! •Luke7:11 (When he saw her His heart overflowed with compassion and that lead to action…) This woman had an experience with Jesus and realized He could do Anything and that He knew her needs even without her asking. She realized that He cared. –What a life we could live if we didn’t worry about anything and just lived for Jesus and focus on Him. He doesn’t need us to tell Him something to do.
Luke8:43-48 (He wanted to see her face) She got to have the experience of Jesus stopping to find and see her. She was important. In every miracle that has happened there is a faith and belief in Him…the power comes because of our faith.
1.)What we think is important is obsolete. 2.)He’s God’s Son and can do anything. 3.)Even the smallest detail is important to Jesus. We are important to Him. We mean enough that He may call us His child. 4.) He doesn’t sit and condemn us for our mistakes.
*You are more than what the world says you are. You are more than a piece of junk. Jesus Died For You. You Matter to God! You are a special creation handcrafted by God. •John8:7-11 He looks at us and doesn’t care how much we mess up. He wants us to be His child, His brother, His sister. He doesn’t care about your past. He cares about your future. Not where you’ve been buy where you’re going. Becoming a Christian, going to church just isn’t enough when you have that face to face Jesus experience. Your life will change, what matters changes, your prayer life changes, your reading the Bible changes to studying it, your worship becomes praising someone you know personally. You don’t look at people the same anymore, you don’t see the outside, you see another special creation that needs to be loved and cared or case God loves and cares for them. •How do I have that Jesus experience???: It’s different for Everybody. The Bible says ask and it will be given, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door will open. Ask. Just ask. Bow down before Him and ask, pour out your heart, He will meet you face to face and change your life.