2Corinthians5:17 When you’re in Christ you are a new creation.  •God sent His son who left his godliness and divinity and became a man and walked on the earth. He walked on water and did miracles through the power of the Holy Spirit. He was man.

When you meet Him for the first time and accept His love and sacrifice, something changes. If nothing changes after you accept Him and get baptized then you need re-examine everything and go back to that meeting point and start over.

What does that change mean and look like? If we sat down and tried to write down the real changes it might be difficult. When we meet Jesus as our Savior,  our old selves are buried with Him, and this whole new person resurrects with Him. So, we shouldn’t be exactly like we were before. We go from a hopeless person to having some kind of a hope.

God does not send people to hell…we send ourselves. We choose, we make the decisions. We make it sound like the change is an overnight sensation. Your heart and your desire changes first…”I want to be like Jesus.” But satan is going to throw those old things in front of you. However God has the power to heal you just like that or He can heal you through programs or doctors. You may have to go through some steps to get there.

When you accept Jesus it doesn’t get easier, it gets harder, but it’s worth it. God wants your heart first. One step at a time. Instead of watching tv I can pray..I can read my bible instead of reading Twilight…instead of sleeping in, I can go to church because iron sharpens iron through fellowship.

God wants you to worship him 24/7 all the time with all you are. 1Corinthians9:24-27 You have to push yourself a little further every day like your getting ready to run a marathon. Keep pushing and keep training yourself. The change is overwhelming because the things we are used to doing might change, and sometimes that’s difficult.

2Corinthians12:8-9 The Power of God. Take care of what you can control and allow God’s power to take care of the rest. The only limitation God has are the ones we put on Him. As long as you limit God with what you think, or think can or can’t happen or what you can or can’t do then it’s probably true. You have to be done limiting God and just let Him do His thing-stop questioning His abilities-stop thinking that your friends or family will never come to Him and that it’s not possible!!! He is greater!!! He can do Anything!!!

God’s power becomes great in our weakness. When God shows up, He shows up in amazing power. He’s talking all the time, we’re just not listening. If we believe he’s not powerful enough to break our chains then He won’t.