Acts2:1-21 Pentecost. Breath and wind are a good metaphor or example of God in the world, the Holy Spirit.

Pentecost=50th day after Easter. The presence of Holy Spirit is powerful in our lives. The gift of ears, for all to hear. The miracle wasn’t just what was said but what was heard. 3,000 were baptized and saved, that’s the power of Holy Spirit.

1)Pentecost is a God thing. God works through very ordinary people to do extraordinary things. If you’re sitting around waiting for something spectacular to happen, you’ll probably miss His call.

2)God worked in a way that no open minded person could doubt it was Him. The best indication it was from God was the instantaneous change in the disciples. Peter could have never done these things on his own. If he could, he wouldn’t have previously denied Jesus.

3)God things are still happening anywhere people will wait on God’s Spirit and allow Him to do great things. We don’t just gather for service to pay respect to resurrected Christ, but also with expectation to encounter the living Christ.

Are you meeting the risen Christ? If you’re not here for that reason, you’re not here for the right reason. Don’t shut Him out.  God speaks to us all.

The day of Pentecost, every person heard the word of God in their native tongue.  All heard and that is why 3,000 were saved.

(Editors note) Are you listening to God speak to you; are you hearing? Have you met Jesus Christ right where you are?  Have you asked for His saving grace?  If not, it is time to do so.