Be Prepared.
1 Peter 3:15-16 Without hope, you are basically dead. When people see this hope that we have, people are going to see it and want it and want to know why. Sadly most Christians these days walk around like everybody else with doom and gloom and frustration, and that’s sad because Peter says we need to be ready to explain our hope!            On earth, this is as bad as it is going to get for us! That a part of our hope! We’ll never be alone while we’re going through everything on this earth as well. If we can’t be sure how or why we’re saved, how are we supposed to explain it to anyone else? Live an example of Jesus every day. Once people see that we are living what we believe they’re eyes are open to us and their attention is there. 

      Titus 3:1 What if you’re the only example of Jesus that someone ever saw?! God wants us to do good and lays opportunities in front of us. Ephesians 6:10-15 God wants us to be prepared to fight the battle against evil. Just cause we accept Jesus and become a Christian doesn’t mean that all the evil in the world is going to stop messing with us. No, when you become a believer in Jesus, things become tougher.

     Satan is out to kill your hope and take away your peace and do everything He can to try to make a gap between you and your spouse or friend or whoever, which creates a wedge, and you start focusing on that wedge and not God. We aren’t to be battling one another…we need to get upset with satan and be prepared to fight back against him. We don’t have it that bad in America…in other countries people would be tortured or killed for having a bible or saying the name of Jesus or for gathering together.

        Jesus was lead by the Holy Spirit to a place where He was tempted. *God did Not tempt Him or place the temptation there, because God does not tempt. Satan was the tempter, and Jesus fought the temptation and fought satan with the Word of God. (Going through and fighting temptations can make us stronger) Ephesians 5:1 Matthew 24:42-44 When Jesus comes, He’s going to come and take us and we have to be ready. He’s not going to ask us if we’re ready and if not He’ll come back again for us.

    Matthew 25:1-10 In order to be ready, you have to know that you know that you’ve accepted Him as your Savior and that He’s faithful and just to forgive you if your sins and He died on the cross for you and came back to life.