Joshua 24:1-13 •God took care of His children always. We forget and take for granted all that He’s done for us. He gives you exactly what you need. Don’t complain about it if it’s not perfect, He still blessed you with it. Sometimes we get bored of the blessing cause we’re use to it, and sometimes if God doesn’t give us exactly what we ask then we think God doesn’t love us. •We’re so focused on what’s ahead that we don’t look back and see what all God has done for us. Stop. Look and see what God has done for you up till now.

Joshua 24:14-15 •Choose today who you are going to serve. Jesus is giving us an option to stand with Him and choose to serve Him or stand on the other side of the line and serve the world. If God shows up today and you’re on the other side of that line, there’s no going back. God’s not going to make that choice for us. If we’re on both sides of that line doing the church thing one day and being of the world another, you’re going to be the lukewarm that God said He would spit out of His mouth. False gods are everywhere: job, money, alcohol, spouse, children, friends, television.

Anything we place in front of God Is an idol. We have to lay those things down if they’re more important than God. God wants all of us and doesn’t want any other god before Him. •What is more important than God to you right now? •You might think you have done everything, and think you have gotten everything for yourself, but No, all you have is because of God. You’re taking nothing with you when you die, so if you take nothing with you that means you really don’t own anything, but that means someone owns what you have, that’s God. All you have is God’s.

•Maybe you can’t see where God’s done anything for you…  Everything God did from Adam until now, all the martyrs who died carrying the gospel, Jesus himself, the fact that even God said to have CUAB…This is all for you, to bless you. We have the freedom to choose whom we serve. The choice isn’t based on what we’ve done and who we’ve been because if we confess our sins to God he is faithful to forgive. Remember that when we choose to stand with God and serve Him, nothing is impossible for Him. Don’t lie to yourself and say that you’re good, because there’s only one chance. It’s time to get real with God.