2 Timothy 3:14-17
It’s sad that we view our Heavenly Father the same way that we view our earthly father. 1) Forget the Past. Don’t be afraid because of the past, just learn from it. Don’t dwell and live there. You can’t change it; live in today. Philippians 3:13 You can’t change what you did, but you can change what you do. As long as you hold onto it and dwell on it you’re telling God that the blood of Jesus isn’t strong enough to get rid of it or forgive it or cleanse it. Matthew 5:44-45. 1 Timothy 4:12 You have to be an example that lives and speaks Jesus, for you never know when someone is watching. You may be the only example of Jesus someone sees. Matthew 5:16. The Bible says to be perfect because God is perfect. Yes, there was only one person who was able to do this: Jesus. But if you’re faced with temptation don’t go “Ok, God will forgive me.” You set yourself up for failure when you say the excuse of “I’m human.” However we are aliens to this world and we are something other than just human. We have the Holy Spirit inside of us. (Matthew 5:48) You have a Father in Heaven, you may not think loves you or cares about you, but He sent His ONLY Son from Heaven to live on this earth for you and me. His Son suffered the most horrific death and was brutalized for doing nothing wrong and His Father had to sit and watch. Then He resurrected. He’s back in Heaven right now, and God will pick up the phone and accept you immediately. God is going to answer your call and hear you. Don’t be ashamed. He will deliver you if you allow Him to and forgive you and give you a new start. He will bail you out. That doesn’t mean your consequences on earth are changed, but He’ll be with you through it all.