•God doesn’t want us to be like and look like everyone else. •Jeremiah 29:11God has a plan and purpose. •Jeremiah 33:3 Call out to God and He will answer you! God is in control. He is in control of the church. But we limit Him soo much. No one could imagine what God can do…our wildest dreams or imaginations of God’s power hasn’t even scratched the surface. God has gone before you and taken care of you.

•2 Chronicles 7:14 We are called by God’s name. –you’re not God. It’s not all about you. You’ve no reason to walk around puffed up and proud. You’re not in charge. You can pretend to be perfect and just the best Christian, but God knows your heart and the truth… We have to Humble ourselves and Pray! Pray more than what we do now. Continually without ceasing and constant communication with God. All you have to do is talk, you don’t have to have any kind of specific prayer “form.” Just talk, He’s listening. Seek His Face. (No one will see God’s face and live cause it’s so powerful)

Needing to seek His face isn’t literal…we should be seeking His *Presence continually. If you seek Him, you’ll find Him. If we would just seek God, He’d show up. He’s tired of us just seeking Him when things are bad. God wants us to seek Him even in all the good times. God will bless you but you have to get right with Him. Being right with God isn’t being perfect, it’s trying and earnestly longing to be right with Him. You can’t be in a bar getting drunk and then asking for His blessings. God can bless who He wants to bless, anyone. But you should get right with Him and turn away from your sin and towards Him. God wants to see your heart with Him not just you talking like you are.

1. God wants you to come home and have Him be your Daddy.

2. If you’ve been saved He wants you to come back to your first love.

3. He has a plan for your life and future; and if you call to Him, He will hear, answer, and make himself known if you seek Him.

4. It’s time for us to humble ourselves, quit being selfish, seek His wisdom and will. Turn from our wicked ways, stop trying to be in control and let God be in control, be excited that He’s in control and can do what He wants to do.

It’s time to want to be in the presence of God every day of the week, not just one day (Sunday). The only reason God’s plans for us don’t come through is because we stand in the way. It’s time for the church to stop standing in the way and let God lead. Trust Him and see what He can do.