•What do we do when we become a Christian? What now? We’re told pray, read the bible, and go to church. That’s not enough to tell someone and help someone if they’ve never really done that before. They need to know how.
(Colossians3:23 do everything you do to the best of your abilities.) By God’s divine power He has given us everything we need for life.) If you make up your mind that you can’t, then you can’t, but if you make up your mind that you can because Jesus with His love and power is able to help you then you will be able to.

Hebrews 11:1 Faith-we don’t see it in front of us but we know it’s there. How do you get that faith? Accept Jesus and all He did for us. We are saved by grace=we don’t deserve to be saved, we don’t deserve to go to Heaven; but God said I know what you deserve, and I want to give you grace and what you don’t deserve. It’s not about what you do. It’s about what Jesus already did for you.

1.)Get Faith. 2.)Be Good. Being good in a Christian Faith standpoint is repenting and turning from our sin, standing up for Jesus when we have the opportunity, and trying to do the right thing when things go bad or your friend stabs you in the back. The world says if you do the right thing in front of people you’re good, but God says its just as important, if not more so, to do right and good in private.

3.)Gain Knowledge–read the Bible to learn more and grow and not Just To Read. Ask God to help you when you read His Word. Also trusting in God with things and watching Him show up.            4.)Self Control. The ability to turn away from temptation. How? Say because I love Jesus more than I love this. (And if that’s not the truth, you need to make it so)                                                             5.)Patient Endurance. Stand firm, be on your knees, even when things are really bad.

6.)Godliness. Godliness=to be like God.

We should yearn to have the mind of Christ. We have to see people the way God sees people and see situations the way God sees them and not react to situations, Respond. Pray and give it to God and respond accordingly. Godliness is loving, patience, the fruits of the spirit. (Galatians 5:22)

7.)Loving our fellow Christians and being there for them. (1Corinthians13:4-7 put your name in there and ask yourself if you are those things.) If we could just learn to love there’s no telling what God could do through us. God chose human beings to be His children. We are all chosen, elected, and called to be God’s children and chosen. Let it known and be your life.

submitted by GC