Jesus is like our cheerleader in Heaven ready for us to be with Him. Even Jesus doesn’t know when He’s going to return, only the Father knows.

Whatever you’ve done doesn’t matter right now because God loved you while you were doing that.  Your life here on earth is either going to be your heaven or your hell. .It’s either going to be as good as it gets or as bad as it gets. Christ knew everything we were going to do, but He still made the choice to come and die for us. No one is worthy or deserves what Jesus did for us, but that’s what Grace is. God’s Grace. If we confess our sins to God, He is faithful and just to forgive them and wipe us clean.

Ephesians 1:3-13, 2:4-5,8 He didn’t just choose some of us, He chose every on of us. God knew us and chose us and predestined us before we were even created. God’s will for your life is to be His adopted child. While a parent of a child can remove that child from their will, a parent of an adopted child Cannot by law take them out of their will. You aren’t junk or trash, you’re a beautiful creation and child of God and He wants to give you all He has because you are His adopted child. Everything belongs to God, Everything.

We inherit that and He wants to bless us with it. God has a desire for us and wants to be with us and give us everything, but we have to choose Him and desire Him too, because He loves us so much that He gives us a choice. The only reason we may not be a part of that family is if we choose not to be. Redeemed means paid for; the downfalls of. (Whatever we’ve done has been washed clean and we stand before Christ pure.)

God redeemed us through Jesus, and doesn’t need anything paid back. (We are to serve others.) Our sins are removed as far as the east is from the west. See, the north and south meet…but if you start heading east you’ll be going east forever. God loves us. Jesus was brutally beaten and tried and mocked and hung on the cross. That’s the mystery of God’s love. God chooses not based on what we do, but based on who we are. We are His creation. His grace says He loves us no matter what.

God does not love you because of your actions or because of what you do for Him. He didn’t give you the gift of salvation because you did those things. Stop trying to do things to get God to love you and just start loving Him by spending time with Him, studying His Word and just loving Him. We need to stop thinking we can repay Him because we Can’t! We can go to church every Sunday, you can give all your possessions to the poor…none of that will get you into Heaven. Not by works lest no man can boast. Simply and purely saved by Grace. It’s free.