•God sent His Son and His Son showed us everything and how to do everything; and we were given the Holy Spirit for instruction and guidance and the Bible.

He has given us everything we need. Yet when the game of life begins, it’s mass chaos and we don’t do anything that we’re taught. God’s looking down on us and saying we have a chance to fix it and put the things we’re taught into action. It’s never too late as long we’re breathing.

•We’re not celebrating the date of December 25th, we’re celebrating the gift of Jesus and God’s love.  •John 3:16-17 We deserve to perish. Perish doesn’t mean to die here on earth. Perish means eternal death–complete death.           However, we are Given life! Not meaning living longer on earth, but eternal life with God. God has every right to condemn us!!!! Yet he did Not send His Son to condemn us. He doesn’t care about our past, He cares about our future; He doesn’t care about where we came from, He cares about where we’re going.

It doesn’t matter what happens to our bodies here on earth anyway because no one can take away our gift of salvation and hope of living with God. Christmas is about a gift of Salvation. We have a peace in knowing that the living here on earth is as bad as it’s gonna get. We have a peace in knowing that nothing here can touch us.

Stop worrying about how you’re gonna die, worry about what’s gonna happen to you after you die! •John17:20-22 Jesus prayed for you! He prayed for us! He prayed not just for the disciples then, He prayed for all of us that we may be one! •

Christmas is about unity. Not talking about just all of us becoming one, talking about the church as a body becoming unified. It’s  about becoming unified with each other And with God. The church wasn’t unified before Jesus. Jesus came and was put in prison when He didn’t do Anything wrong! He was beaten and tortured and hung on the cross and died even when He did absolutely nothing wrong or sinful.

•The only person who could go into the ark room, the holy place, was the high priest. No one could touch the ark or be in its presence except for the high priest. There was a curtain in front of the ark which was the no pass zone. Only the high priest could enter. •Jesus said It Is Finished! The Bible said that when Jesus said those words, the curtain or vail that was hanging to separate people from God (the ark) was torn from top to bottom. ****Top to Bottom****

There was no longer separation between us and God. There became unity. We are to become the church God created in the beginning…one body of believers unified with Christ our Lord.