John 1:1-14 (the Word is Jesus.) Jesus was in the beginning, with God in Heaven. On earth, Jesus was fully man. If Jesus was to come today, would you recognize Him and would you know Him?

Not sure that the church would accept Jesus today. As it was back then, Jesus wouldn’t be popular with the things He told us, and He wouldn’t be excited about the things we’re doing today. You’re probably not gonna like it if He were to stare into your eyes and call out whatever you’re doing that’s wrong and tell you- you need to leave it. He was/is truth.

What if the world was truthful, what if pastors preached the truth. We all go to God when we’re in trouble. He wants us to want Him when we’re in trouble And in good times. When we come to Him saying we’re going through rough stuff and losing everything, He’s probably going to tell us to stop doing what we’re doing whether it’s cussing or drinking or doing drugs or lying or cheating and then He’ll take care of it. Get right.

That’s what He told those in the Bible, He healed them and said go and sin no more. You really can’t use the Bible to say what you’re doing that’s wrong is right and ok. How many times does the church say; oh you’re a sinner, you don’t belong on our church. (If it weren’t for sinners, there wouldn’t be a church.)

The church had brought the prostitute woman in front of Jesus, they ready to throw stones at her; but Jesus stood up for her and basically told them yeah, she sinned, so whoever of you haven’t sinned can go ahead and condemn her. Jesus was probably sick of the church acting like that. We’ve gotten so clouded with things that we may not know Him if He were to come here and walk with us.

John 1:32-34. I want to be so open an full of the Spirit of God that if Jesus was walking the earth my spirit would know and I would be excited. •He’s sick of the church being the way it is and is ready for the church to be a place of healing, redemption, and hope for a dying generation, and just be what He has called it to be!!!

Start worrying about salvation and stop saying it’s ok to do things that are against the word of God and stop worrying about numbers and how much the church is bringing in. We have to be a church of hope; of Jesus, every one of us, not Just the pastor. We are the body, we are the example. Become the church that’s an example of Jesus for the world to see.

•He is coming back. He’s coming to get us and take us with Him. No one knows when, not even Jesus himself, but when He comes, that’s going to be it. No second chance. If we’re not prepared for Him to return by accepting and believing Him and being the children of God, He’s going to look at us and say He doesn’t know us and leave us. Would Jesus be proud of me if He was here walking with me?