•John 3:1-17
How many times do we say we know God is this and that and has said this and that, but in reality we’re not really sure about it?  We know, yet we doubt. When you come to know Jesus as your savior, something inside changed..you do not want to live for yourself anymore. It’s more about Him. Yes there’s still human nature in you, but God fills you with Holy Spirit and slowly pulls out your human nature and fills you with more of Him. This process is called sanctification. Replacing the things of this world with things from His spiritual realm inside us.

He only takes away what you let go of and you give up. Because God is a God who loves us and gives us free will and the right to choose. He will separate us from whatever we give up to Him as far as the East is from the West. Unless we try to go after it and get it back-He will allow us to take it back, but of course He wishes we’d just hold onto Him and trust in Him instead of these things.

The key is that we believe. John3:16– *Who is the world? We are the world. Every single person. He loves you enough that He spent special time forming you in your mothers womb. That means you are not junk, you’re not sorry, you are special and precious and loved. When they nailed Jesus to the cross, He felt the pain! He was 100% human an 100% God. He went through the exact same things we did and went through pain and trials and temptations.

Look up crucifixion and see how very miserable it really was. He was beaten and bled so much it was practically impossible that He walked with His own cross. He knew they were coming to arrest Him the night before and knew He did nothing wrong: He could have easily gotten away. Jesus knew everything that was going to have to happen to Him before He left Heaven and He did it all anyway. He did that just for you. Jesus cried out because He knew the Father had to turn His back on His Son. Sometimes we have to go through things that really hurt, and the Father allows it because it’s for our own good, but He won’t let us go through it alone. But the only way things would work for us was for God the Father to turn His back on His Son for that moment. He’s not going to look down on you and say you’re not worthy because of what Jesus did while fully knowing everything we would do, He came so we would become worthy.