I do hope you are enjoying this 30 day series.  Yes, it is what you all probably know, however, often we overlook the simple and miss some meaning and growth from the Bible.
  The scriptures we will deal with today are: Matthew 4:1-17Luke 4:14-44.
Okay, Jesus was just baptized by John the Baptist, came out of the water and the Holy Spirit descended upon Him like a dove.  Now what?
   Think of this as what most likely happens to a lot of new Christians as it happened to Jesus.  Who is His first visitor –  non other than the devil, satan, the evil one. Now what we have to remember here is that He, Jesus, is led by the Holy Spirit, and he goes into the wilderness to face this adversary.
   We must keep the faith and resist all he (the evil one) tempts us with.  You can read how satan tempted Jesus: turn stones into bread – offer power and position – then to cast himself down and expect God to save him with angels (do not test the LORD GOD).
   Jesus resisted and said the words we need to remember: Flee from me satan!  These are powerful words.  Once Jesus said this what then happened?  Satan left him and the angels came to attend to Jesus (Matthew 4:11)  Then Jesus heard that John the Baptist was in prision, and Jesus went to start his ministry and said: “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.”
  Well, our question is when is “near”; near for us is soon, near for God is soon, however His, GOD’s soon is totally different than ours. (at least over 2000 years difference) 🙂
   Jesus is the way, the truth, the life for us all.  Fear not to spread this wonderful news. One word to one person may save hundreds or thousands (example is Billy Graham). Someone shared with Billy and look what he did. Wowser!! Tomorrow Jesus choses his disciples.