Revelation 2: Brother Richard’s sermon

Revalation 2:2-4 Jesus has commissioned us to follow Him and go make disciples. As Christians we are suppose to do exactly that: go, teach, preach the gospel to all people. God isn’t meant to serve us; we are saved to serve God.

As followers of Christ we should fear nothing. The Lord will calm your heart and give you the things to say. The great commission in the book of Acts, Acts 1:8. Missions isn’t a department of the church. It’s the reason the church exists. The Christians existence is founded on a call from God. Every person is meant to carry out the commission.

Each person called by God has been given gifts. Use your gift and talents for the Lord. You’re no longer meant to just sit in the pew and wait for the other person to do something. A Christian heart bears witness to a Christian heart no matter where you are. The glory of God is the most important. Love the Lord with all your strength and love your brother. God does not respect the title of people, He loves everyone the same. It’s not a game. To not do what God wants us to do is really bad.

We are to go into the world as disciples and share the gospel to the far ends of the earth.